“I moved to North Carolina in 2009 because of a stabbing that happened to me in 2007. Since that time God has blessed me, my children and my family. When I was stabbed, it took a lot away from me and my health. My obedience to God has opened doors for me. My forgiveness to the man who tried to take my life has given my and my children peace of mind and the opportunity to have a relationship with their father. God is awesome, mighty and matchless.”

This client was pregnant and needed support with food, clothing and household items, most of all the love relationship of a loving God.


“I came in to Operation Blessing last month of August with in the last two weeks and was seeking assistance. I was blessed with clothing and Brother Price prayed a faithful prayer that I would be blessed with a job. I did receive the job. Thank you, Lord for the ones who are seeking God with a whole heart. Amen.”


“God is a wonderful Good God. He brought me here to be rededicated to the Lord. His servant laid hand on my knees and I began to walk. God is a good God. Thank you Lord!”


“God today I awoke when two people took time out to talk with me. Through you they showed me that I can make it. Thank you, God for Operation Blessing. I didn’t know it was going to happen. God I love you and thank you Father for looking out for my son James and I. Now I will make it; wouldn’t go back.”


“Today I came into Operation Blessing to get help from them for my light bill. I have prayed and asked the Lord to help me and get me through it. I’ve also decided to join Mrs. Peggy church. My daughter and I have given our lives to the Lord. My father and I are here, and as long as I help myself, please be there to help me.”

Counselor Comments: Went outside to give her son a bible too and her friend, she wants to get saved also! Therefore three souls were given to Jesus today!


Client stated that she is good since she gave her live to Jesus! I shared with her Jesus loves her always.

J.W. (Mother) & J.J. (Son)

“I was flown (by the Army) here on emergency due to my sons injuries (he’s on active duty Army). Little did I know I would find myself in a bad situation with no place to stay 3000 miles away from home! I called Operation Blessing, Thank you so much for helping me today. God will repay. You paid for five (5) days for my son and me.”


“I feel like God is with me. There is so much weight that has been lifted. I have been going through a lot. I lost my kids, through a lot about my health. But when you think about it, God has not given up on me. I gave my life to God today, and I feel good. So much has left my heart. Thanks to all that was here for me.

Thank you again God and Operation Blessing. I will never forget my new and found friend.”


“Back November 2, 2011 my husband had told me he’d be right back and I have not seen him since.It is August 15, 2012 and I have had the LORD show up at my doorstep to meet our needs.Yes, I’ve had to take steps out of my home to go and get what I needed to pay our bills. Since my husband left me, I have been going through repair; mentally, emotionally, and physically.My children have been too.I have even taken on a job that I had to let go due to restoration that my children and myself still needed.Bills, a rood over our head, and all the things needed to live in our world are an everyday wonder for us still, but Love, Joy and Peace are the things we continue to know without a shadow of a doubt are there for us every day.The storms around us may seem hard, but crazy thing is, with our eyes upon Jesus, He has allowed us to walk on water with him!Praise Him! I thank Operation Blessing for being used by God to allow me to continue to have electricity for me and my children.”


“I was down in the slumps. Saved but having doubts the devil was throwing all kind of snares in my way. Lost my job, didn’t seem like anything was going right, but came to Operation Blessing. A lady spoke with me and prayed with me. I went home that day thought about what her and my apostle had said. Then I applied the Word of God to my life like never before and God has just been blessing me so much. Now I have two jobs and I give all the praise and glory to my Lord. Just apply the Word of God to your life. Read the Word and watch God move in areas of your life like never before. Be blessed.”


Mr. W. came in today. Mr. W. was sharing his story about being homeless and explaining what Arms of Refuge means to him personally. Then he stood up and went to the door in my office. I asked him about his relationship with Jesus. I let him know that doing good works doesn’t save you. He said he was backslidden. I told him I once was too and would love to share Jesus with him. I told him to look at that – the same is with God – He (God) is waiting for you to come back home and have a seat again in His presence. I have him a new bible.